Course Descriptions

Concert Band – This class is meant for students who have completed elementary band – typically two years of experience on an instrument. This group will focus on helping students develop a higher level of technique on their instrument. Working on a daily basis in a large group to play music, we will also include skills and knowledge from language arts, math, science and social studies. This group will perform in five concerts per year, plus other performance opportunities including jazz band, solo and ensemble and All-County Band.


Symphonic Band – This class is designed for eighth grade or advanced seventh grade students. This group will focus on continuing to build technical playing skills, and ensemble playing skills. We will include skills and knowledge from language arts, math, science and social studies. This group will perform in five concerts along with other performance opportunities to play in jazz band, solo and ensemble and All-County Band.


Student Expectations

  • Respect – for students, teachers/clinicians, and equipment
  • Participate – be involved and engaged in class
  • Prepared – on time with instrument, music and pencil
  • Positive Attitude – ready to learn and giving it your best effort!


Classroom Procedures

  • Class starts on time, be ready to learn.
  • Be in your seat with instrument, music, and pencil by the end of the timer.
  • Read goals and reminders on the board each day.
  • Respect our rehearsal time – we practice the way we perform, let us use the time appropriately. Be on task, no extra talking, and attentive.
  • Organize your folder, instrument, and the band room. We are not the only class in the room, we need to keep everything tidy to be efficient when we enter and respectful of the other students using the space.


Standards-based Grading

Your student will receive a numerical grade 1-4 for their assignments and their final grade in the class. Students earning 3 are meeting the standard and are where they need to be. 4’s will only be given in cases where a student is truly exceeding the standard.

Grades are divided in to two categories – content and work habits.


Content – These grades focus on how your student is performing on their instrument and their specific knowledge of music. There are four standards of music that will be graded by these assignments:

1)  Expression of Music (Playing) – Regular playing tests, concerts, small ensembles

2)  Theory of Music (Music history, theory) – Theory worksheets

3)  Creation of Music (Composition, arranging, improvisation)

4)  Aesthetic Valuation of Music – Written evaluations of performances, reflections


Work Habits – The work habits grade focuses on a student’s behavior and is recorded for weekly eligibility or rewards. This will include participation in class, assignments turned in on time, attendance (in class and performance), and preparedness (having all materials and wearing correct attire at concerts).

  • Assignments turned in late will only receive partial credit


Practicing/Playing Tests

As with any learned skill, the best way to improve is to practice! Students are expected to practice 2 hours (120 minutes) per week. Setting aside 15-30 minutes each night, similar to homework, will produce the best results and build time management skills. If a lack of practicing becomes an issue, practice cards may be required.

There will be playing tests weekly/bi-weekly that students will record or perform during class. Tests can be completed before/after school or during scheduled times in class. Ms. Terry will be available after school most days, just sign up for a time prior to that day.


Missed Classes/Make-Up Work

Students who are excused from class will be able to make up assignments/tests that are missed based on the school make-up work policy. It is the responsibility of the student to get their make-up work from Ms. Terry.



Concerts are mandatory. Students are expected to participate in all concerts; the dates are included at the end of this syllabus. There are no excused absences for concerts besides an emergency – students will not be excused for sports practice.

Concerts are the culminating event to show progress and understanding of skills, there is not an equivalent assignment for an absence. Students who miss will be given an assignment for partial credit of the full performance grade.


Supplies (Both bands)

ALL instruments

  • Method book – Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development

****A representative from Music & Arts will be at Back to School Night on****

Thursday August 27th with Sound Innovations books for purchase

  • Music shirt – 7th grade students pay the initial $9 for the shirt, 8th graders who need replacement shirts are $18
  • Students should have loose leaf paper or a notebook for journaling and writing assignments in class.
  • Proper cleaning supplies for their instrument (swabs, brushes, valve oil, etc.).


Woodwinds (clarinet, saxophone) need size 2 1/2 to 3 reeds. Oboes/Bassoons should use a Medium- Soft or Medium reeds. Students need to make sure they have these every day and are replacing their reeds when they break.


Trumpets need to be using a size 3C mouthpiece – this is like buying a new pair of shoes because your feet have grown. You need a bigger size to continue to progress. Mouthpieces usually run about $35-$40.


Percussion students do not need to bring their percussion kits to school – those stay at home for practice. Because students will be using school equipment, all percussionists are responsible for paying the instrument rental fee of $62.50 (Please note this is only half of the district rental fee). This helps to fix the equipment and provide sticks and mallets for each player to use for the year.


Music (Folders)

Students are responsible for the music given to them to play for the concerts. In band, the sheet music is our textbook and it must be taken care of. Lost or extremely damaged music parts will result in a fine or $3.


Concert Attire (Uniform)

All band students need to wear the following for all concerts and performances. It is important that all students look alike so that there are no distractions and we can focus on the music being played. Students will purchase their music shirt for performances. Through fundraising with the Creighton PTA, a portion of your shirt is paid for. The cost for a students first shirt is $9 – replacement shirts are $18.

Shirt – Black Creighton Music Polo

Bottoms – Black Pants (no blue jeans)
Shoes – Black dress shoes preferred (no white shoes or tennis shoes)


School Instruments

Creighton MS has a limited supply of school instruments that are available on request for students who do not have an instrument. These instruments are available on a first come – first serve basis. Please contact Ms. Terry if you need an instrument, she will accommodate as many as possible based on instruments available.

The yearly school rental cost is $125 payable to Creighton MS. This fee can be split in two semesters ($62.50 per semester) or paid in full at the beginning of the year. This covers normal wear and tear repair costs of the instrument.


****ALL percussionists will pay half of the $125 fee to cover the cost of using the percussion equipment. ($62.50) Percussion students will be using the whole range of percussion instruments and will borrow a stick bag including percussion sticks and mallets for the year. This covers the cost of repair and providing working equipment. Students will be responsible for returning ALL mallets at the end of the year. Missing mallets will be fined to the student in May. Please contact Ms. Terry with questions.



Newsletters/Emails – Ms. Terry will be sending an email newsletter home bi-weekly. If your email is not on Infinite Campus, or not updated, please email Ms. Terry so that you will receive this information or write it on the acknowledgement form.


Band Website – Ms. Terry will be keeping the band’s website updated with any news, events, and other information. A link is available through the Creighton MS website.



All students will be expected to participate in the Butter Braids fundraiser (Aug. 31st to Sept. 10th) and the Annual Creighton Chili Cook-off (Nov. 5th). These fundraisers benefit the entire music department and pay for things like instruments, field trips, festivals, clinicians, concert shirts, and much more. All students benefit from these fundraisers, so all students need to help out. More details will be sent out as we get closer to these fundraisers.



2015-16 CMS Band Important Dates


Event Date Location/Details
Back to School Night Thurs. Aug. 27 CMS – Buy your method books!
Butter Braid Fundraiser Aug. 31st – Sept. 10 Delivered on Sept. 16
Pep Band with Lakewood HS Thurs. Oct. 8 – 7:30pm Jeffco Stadium
CMS Band Concert Tues. Oct. 13 – 7:00pm CMS
First Elitch’s trip payment due Thurs. Oct. 22 $20 of the $40 total
Creighton Chili Cook-off Fri. Nov. 6 CMS
All-county band auditions Tues. Nov. 10 – 4-6pm CMS
All-county jazz auditions Wed. Nov. 18 – 4-6pm Dunstan Middle School
Barnes & Noble Night Mon. Dec. 7 Small group performances
8th Band/Orchestra Concert Mon. Dec. 14 – 7:00pm CMS
7th Band/Orchestra Concert Tues. Dec. 15 – 7:00pm CMS
Lakewood Area Festival Feb. 9 & 10 – TBA CMS
Second Elitch’s trip payment due Fri. Apr. 1st $20 of the $40 total
7th Small Ensembles Concert Mon. Apr. 4 – 7:00pm CMS
8th Small Ensembles Concert Mon. Apr 11 – 7:00pm CMS
CMS Band Concert Tues. May 10 – 7:00pm CMS
Elitch’s performance/trip Fri. May 13th Elitch Gardens
**Elementary Band Tour May TBA  


*These dates are set but there may be changes such as specific times for the area festival. New dates and other information will be in the newsletters, sent home, and updated on the website.