Elitch’s money is due by Friday April 1st!
Our annual trip to Music in the Parks at Elitch’s is coming up quick!  It’s going to be a blast and a half, so we’d like to see everyone in the music department there.
The total cost is $40.  This payment is $20 if you made the first payment back in October.
*If your student will have a season pass (purchased prior to the trip on May 13th), the total cost is $16.
Small Ensemble Concerts
Monday April 4th @7:00pm – Concert band is just ONE WEEK away from performing their small group pieces!  Lots of polishing to be done throughout this week and then the dress rehearsal and performance next Monday.
Monday April 11th @7:00pm – Symphonic band small groups
Reminders for both performances:
– Students should plan to wear their concert attire (black pants/shoes/socks and Creighton polo)
– This project has a total of 7 assignments associated with it.  Students should be well-rehearsed and present themselves professionally on stage.
– The band room is available before and after school if groups want to rehearse outside of class.
– Please be respectful of other groups and stay for the length of the concert.

Okay, there’s one last thought for students…
The Rockies game on April 28th is a privilege for the school to be invited and for students to attend as representations of our program (especially those performing the anthem).  If a student has D/IEs in three or more classes, is a behavior issue for any of their teachers, or is having attendance problems, this privilege can be taken away.
As a music department we have an amazing opportunity to perform front and center, it would be awful to miss out on such a great experience!