Lakewood Area Music Festival – Wednesday Feb. 10th 7:00pm @CMS

Our annual festival featuring Lakewood HS, Creighton MS, and five elementary schools.  This is the big band concert of the year and is sure to be a great evening!  Have a nice reminder of where it all began and where your students will go when they get into high school band.

Students arrive at 6:30pm

Students need to have their CMS polo shirt, black pants, music, and instrument.  If you have a folding stand at home you would be okay letting the elementary kids use for this concert, please label it and bring it with on the day of the concert!  Thanks!


*If your student needs a polo shirt (didn’t have one last semester, lost it, etc.), please send me an email and $15 so we can have it ready prior to the festival.*

Band Placement Auditions for LHS – 8th grade only
Band Auditions (Winds Only)
Audition for placement in Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band
Tuesday, March 15th
4:00-6:00 (check back for sign up)

Audition music will be handed out in class soon.


Green Mountain Music Festival – Thursday March 10th 8:00am @Green Mountain HS
A new middle school clinic and festival is starting this year and the Symphonic Band (8th), thanks greatly to the funds raised from butter braids, will be attending!

The Symphonic Band will perform at 8:00am for an audience and clinician who will provide a group rating along with working with the band members to improve our sound and skills!  After the performance we will stay and watch other groups before heading back to school.

I will send out an itinerary soon, but anticipate students arriving at Creighton around 7:00am to gather instruments and hop on the bus to Green Mountain.

*We would love to have 3-5 parents come along as chaperones/cheering squad, so look for a sign-up when the itinerary is sent out!

Last thought…

A reminder to students to fill out practice cards weekly and turn them in at the beginning of each week!

If a practice card is a missing assignment, here are some options to fix that grade:

– Turn in an extra practice card the next week or any week after that

– Come in after school to practice and I will sign off on that time (I am here 99.9% of the time)

– Ask Mom or Dad nicely to send me an email to verify your practice time for that week

We’re aiming for 2 hours of weekly practice!

Thanks for your support!  Have a musical Monday!